About Company

The SFSA is a rapidly growing services & consultancy company committed to continuous improvement and the provision of value-added services fundamental to ensuring complete and  cost  effective  execution  of  projects operations  across  multiple  continents  and industries.

With the new developments in the engineering, inspection and technical services fields, it has remained a primary corporate strategy of our company to continue to seek additional opportunities to  provide valuable support to our precious clients. Within 3  years of its establishment, the SFSA has expanded into various fields like outsourcing of manpower  and services for engineering, construction / project management, industrial operations, medical staffing  ,  inspection  services,  industrial  material  supplies/procurement  and  personnel training etc.



To be the knowledge base solution provider of delivering sate of the art engineering solutions through consistent quality and contemporary technology.


Build successful team that provide exceptional customer services and deliver outstanding infrastructure development solutions to enhance the business of our clients.


SFSA remains focused on its prime objective to deliver high quality solutions to its clients at optimal cost by adopting the most relevant and advanced technologies through empowering professionals and building trust-based relations with its clients.
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