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We are a mul-disciplinary, mul-dimensional organizaon offering consultancy services from concept to creaon. We extend consultancy services in areas of inspecon, expedion, civil-marine, structural, coastal mechanical engineering, including Master plan development, designing, and supervision of Projects. Our wide spectrum of services includes Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies, Detailed Project Reports, Project Consultancy, Master planning, Detailed Design and Engineering , Contract Management, Project Management Consultancy, Environmental Engineering Studies, Facility Management Services, Project Appraisal, Recruitment, Training & Development, etc. With the new developments in the engineering, inspecon, and technical services fields, our company’s primary corporate strategy is to connue to seek addional opportunies to provide valuable support to our precious clients. Within three years of its establishment, the SFSA has expanded into various fields like outsourcing of manpower and subcontracng for engineering, construcon/project management, industrial
operaons, medical staffing, inspecon services, industrial material supplies/procurement, Surveying mapping, vendor expedion, and shop inspecon, etc.


Ever since the establishment, we have endeavored to contribute to the prosperity of our clients and society from a global perspecve. SAFSA Consulng has been striving to provide consulng services to the individual needs of our clients. No maer how difficult the challenge or how long the process, we thoroughly examine our clients’ operaons to enable them to achieve their goals, based on our extensive experience and knowledge accumulated through serving clients operang in every Industrial sector. It is our policy to connue to work closely with each client with a sense of commitment on a long term basis to ensure that the best pracces are integrated into its operaons. Today, uncertainty about the global economy is widespread. By viewing changes in our environment as business opportunies, we remain firm in our commitment to developing advanced.


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