Our Business

We are offering consultancy services from concept to creation. Our wide spectrum of services include Techno Economic Feasibility Studies, Detailed Project Reports, Project Consultancy, Master planning, Detailed Design and Engineering, Contract Management, Project Management Consultancy, Environmental Engineering Studies, Facility Management Services, Project Appraisal, Recruitment, Training & Development etc.

SFSA Consultant is a completely independent advisory inspecon, expedion, surveying, Mapping, engineering and consultancy company, acve in the field of oil and Gas sector. Our clients are pipeline, oil storage terminal, gas processing, ports and EPC contractors, other engineering offices and partners. SFSA has proven to be a valuable partner in all kinds of projects around the world. Services range from civil to mechanical engineering and the product is characterized by a solid theorecal background in combinaon with praccal feasibility and on site project management and control. SFSA provides

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