SFSA is a process improvement and management consulting firm, helping organizations to be significantly more efficient, effective and financially profitable. We are a mul-disciplinary, mul-dimensional organization offering consultancy services from concept to creation.

We extend consultancy services in areas of inspection & expedition, mapping & survey, mechanical engineering, including master plan development, designing and supervision of Projects.

Our wide spectrum of services includes Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies, Detailed Project Reports, Project Consultancy, Master planning, Detailed Design and Engineering, Contract & Project Management Consultancy, Environmental Engineering Studies, Facility Management Services, Project Appraisal, Recruitment, Training & Development, etc.

With the new developments in the engineering, inspections, and technical services fields, our company’s primary corporate strategy is to continue to seek addiotional opportunties to provide valuable support to our precious clients.

With more new avenues opening up in an ever changing dynamic world, we are at pace and up to date with innovation and troubleshooting effectively with every service and solution.


In a business philosophy where people are the growth drivers, we are fortunate to have one of the most talented pools of resources from across the globe. These people share a common belief system with SFSA; we believe

In essence, at SFSA, every client engagement is unique and our people come together in the spirit of delivering the BEST through innovation and unparalleled quality.

Business & technology experts, from some of the best organizations in the world, bring invaluable insights into their areas of expertise. These professionals know how to create value for our clients and harness a partnership where working with us is a delightful experience. Through a true partnership, we enable a team environment that ensures business solutions for improved business performance.